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West Division Game 2 Review

Sadly due to other rugby commitments Kamesenryu were unable to field a team in the round 2 clash. Kaminari were disappointed but didn't want to let that get in a way of having a game. If we are to be honest we are a little worried about the future of rugby league in the region and country as a whole.

Kaminari had a few late outs but still had 15 turn up ready for a game so we played 7 a side rugby league. A little different and not something that suits our captain down to a tee. But we came for a game so a game we will play. we split into forwards and backs and split the team somewhat evenly from there.

Team 1

Minty, James, Reo, Aisea, Inoke, Genki, Fuma

Team 2

Matt, Nick, Alistair, Yoshihisa, Aaron, Kamesenryu player, Isaak

Andy filling in as the lone sub for both teams.

the game was pretty end to end with some of the faster players getting in amongst the tries but Team 1 was leading with a couple minutes till the break with a try to matt after nice link up play in the tackle by Alistair and Isaak left matt and easy run in for a try. this leveled things up and led to team 1 trying something fancy off the restart that led to team 2 going the length of the field to go up leading into the break.

The second half was another close half but this time it was team 1 with two late tries with Fuma finishing it off to level it up at the death. This left the game 26 all and with a few injuries it was decided to call it a game there. We hope Matt and James recover for the game on the 30th.

This "win" leads the Kaminari to the championship being up 2-0 and we will now look towards giving the Rabbitohs a challenge in the national cup final on August 13th.

Come on Kaminari

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