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Kamesenryu v Kaminari 2023 Game 1

2023 Game 1

Amagasaki Baycom Stadium

The game started off in a confusing fashion with both teams captains trying to decide how to proceed. The Kaminari turned up with a full squad ready for a tough game, but sadly Kamesenryu were short on numbers and only had 10 players. We decided it was best to play 9s to help keep it enjoyable for all involved.

The game was then broken down into 4 10 minute slots (a water break per half) with the Kaminari starting off quick with 2 tries in the first 10 minutes but kamesenryu scored in the last play before the water break to keep it close at 12-4. The second quarter was another close one with a try a piece and us going in at 18-10 to the half time break.

The second half started with a lot of pressure from Kamesenryu and an amazing team effort on defense as the whole team got back after a break from the kamesenryu winger. chopping him down with 10 meters to go but with his team thinking he was away and no one chasing, Kaminari got a turn over and went the length of the field to score a try. This was probably the key moment in the game, with Joshua on debut making a huge difference.

The flood gates started to open after this with the kaminari getting out to 40-10 before a late try gave the score some more respect. This puts Kaminari in a good position to make it to the championship final with only 1 more win for the last 2 games needed.

Come down and play a game or support the lads for game 2 at amagasaki baycom stadium, 9:30am kick off.

See you there

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