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Coolaz Touch Rugby Tournament Review

After a nearly 3 year hiatius The Coolaz touch rugby tournament (formally known as KRAC) was back with a bang. A new name and a new ground to boot. We are so thankful to the Canadian Academy ( for hosting us. The ground was much better and the people were great. This year we only had 6 teams, down from our usual 8-10 but we look forward to continue to grow.

FRTC and Pug went into the tournaments favorites in many peoples eyes as teams that often train and attend different touch rugby events but there was a few suprised on the day. Canadian Academy who were first timers to the tournament finished a close 2nd and i'm sure they will be looking forward to growing the game and improving on the 2nd place in future tournaments. Overall Standings were as follows.

  1. Pug

  2. Canadian Academy

  3. Kansai Kaminari

  4. FRTC

  5. Coolabah

  6. Kobe Anchors

Pug are an OB team from shikoku university and have a long history in the tournament winning it multiple times. They played a simple but quick and effective game to come out winners yet again.

Canadian Academy had a youthful team who were fast and quite fit. This helped them out wide and they played very well. With great coaching from two Kaminari players, Steve and John they will only get better as they learn the game more. Add more knowledge of the game and a few more training sessions and they could go on to win the tournament.

Kansai Kaminari had two close games with FRTC and won the important one to claim 3rd place. A good draw against 2nd place Canadian Academy also being a highlight. Most of our league players were not available due to rugby commitments, but we had a solid crew who love playing touch and tag rugby. A few kids joined in and had a great day too.

FRTC had Kaminari player Aisea and his family playing which was good to see after a long term injury. They were using this tournament as a warm up for a bigger osaka wide tournament and were a very skillfull team.

Coolabah Struggled a little bit with the addition of the kaminari team taking some of their players. They did have a good day running around and with a bunch of novice rugby players will be hoping to improve next time.

Kobe are an amazing team with an average age of north of 50. They try hard and are a great bunch of blokes. Was happy to see them all there after the 3 year hiatius and look forward to playing with them again in the future.

Next tournament is May 21st so get fit and ready. See you all there.

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