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West Division Championship Round 2 Preview

On the surface you would expect this to be an easy win over the Kamesenryu after beating them 124-6 only a month ago. However things are not so simple here in Rugby League in Japan. Although our last game against them was only a month ago we could be playing a majorly different team. That is one of the differences of playing league here in Japan.

When you add the head to head record of both teams, Kamesenryu having 5 wins in the 13 a side game to the Kaminaris 1 win it becomes clearer that this game will defiantly be a lot closer. There are a couple other things that are in Kansai Kaminaris favor with 13 players from last months games lining up for round 2. We have also become aware that Kamesenryu may have several players out.

Kaminari is likely to have a couple new players making their debut aswell with Nick Billingsley likely to make his first ever game of Rugby League. He is a winger who has lots of speed to burn, and Dan O'Flynn who likes to play hooker in League and will also be making his first game of league.

There is also a couple players who are likely to make the 5 game mark for the Kaminari with Matt Williamson, an australian who had his best game last time out and Yoshihisa Ogata our vice captain. 5 games might not seem like a lot but we usually only get to play 2 or 3 games a season.

There are a couple players to watch for the Kaminari with Alistair Carless in the backs and Yuto in the forwards 2 player in particular to watch out for. A win here or even a close lose should be enough for the Kaminari to make the national cup final in August.

We are currently looking at options to live stream the game, however if this doesn't equate there will be footage on youtube after the game.

Come on Kaminari

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