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Kansai Kaminari v Kamisenryu Game 1 2022

Kansai Kaminari v Kamisenryu Game Report

On June 5th Kansai Kaminari played Kamisenryu in the first game of a 2 game series for the Japanese Rugby League West Division Champion. The day started off rough with 3 players calling in to say they were unable to play, leaving us with a total of 12 players heading into the all important first game of the series. However Dai Fujitaka came up big and found 4 extra players. 1 from the morning had a change of heart and came anyway, leaving us with 17 players ready for the game.

Going into the game Kasai Kaminari Knew it would be a big ask, having not ever beaten Kamisenryu in a full game of 13 a side, and a sole win in 9s over our rivals. The game started great with the captain winning the toss and deciding to kick off due to a light rain falling across the ground keeping the temperature nice. A great kick off and a great tackle, lead to a knock on by Kamisenryu leading to the games first scrum. The Kaminari scored of this scrum and before you know it the kansai Kaminari were up 26-0 after 10 minutes. Kansai Kaminari also went up 24-0 Last season only to lose so the pressure was on to keep up the intensity. The Kaminari continued to play well through the first half, with their handling and support play in particular being amazing. The possession stats would end up 80-20 at the end of the first half with Kamisenryu rarely seeing the ball. Kansai Kaminari went into the break 58-0 up.

The second half of the game was more of the same, however Kamisenryu saw more ball and the Kaminari showed also what great defense they had. The Kaminari showed good fight to repeal 2 sets of 6 in a row on their goal line, before finally conceding a single try. The game ended 124-6 and puts the Kaminari in good stead to win this years trophy, and represent Kansai in the National Cup Final.

There was also a few debutants playing for the Kaminari with, Kenzo Boyle, Yuto Ueda, Shinsuke Matsumoto, Yuto Sasaki, Dave Dillion, Tomoki Uchiyama, Shunta Nakatani, and Dai Fujitaka (a transfer from Kamisenryu) all playing their first game of what is hopefully many. Matthew Williamson and James Kentowski also got their first tries in the 13 man game, so congratulations to all.

The return leg is on the 10th of July in Amagasaki, kicking of at 17:30.

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