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Japanese West Division Game 2 Kaminari v Kamesenryu

After the hiding given out in the first game the Kaminari defiantly went into this game as favorites to take home the title for this season. The Kaminari did deliver on that but the day started out different to what was expected. The Kaminari turned up to the game with a squad of 19 players ( 1 guy didn't show after entering hospital with alcohol poisonings or at least that was his excuse) but Kamesenryu were short of numbers. How things have changed in a year, with the Kaminari struggling for numbers last year in game 2. This meant the championship was decided even before the game kicked off. Kaminari becoming first time Champions of the west division.

We did come to play league and we were not going to leave without having a game. There was a short chat about playing nines but we decided to give some players to them so we could have a good game of the 13 a side game. K. Boyle, Y. Ogata, Y. Sasaki and a new lad reluctantly agreed to join the opposition for the game. leaving us with 15 members and them 14.

The game kicked off in a balmy 30 degrees with high humidity so we decided to play 20 minutes sections. This game was nothing like the last game we played them and was a tough encounter. The 4 Kaminari boys played great shifts for Kamesenryu with one of them concussing the captain. (was bad technique in the tackle from him however). We defiantly look forward to having them play in the final for us.

This game was built on big defense and a fast defensive line for Kamesenryu. It took 13 minutes for the first score where Y. Uchiyama pulled of a great solo try with a chip and chase before kicking it back into his own hands to run through for the first try. A couple minutes later and he was in again to bring us out to a 10-0 lead. Some great defense on our line forcing a mistake and we went into the first break in the lead.

An early try by Lock A. Moefaauo who found himself on the edge busting several tackles on his way to the try line made it look like this game would be an easy win. However Kamesenryu got an intercept try through kaminari player Y. Sasaki and only some amazing goal line defense stopped kamesenryu going in again. The great defense lead to more chances and Y. Ueda linked up well with Y. Uchiyama to get a try before giving a ball to Rich on the line to give him a try.

the 3rd period had another try to Y. Ueda and also some nice work on the wing from B. Fawcett to finish the game 36-6. We now will train with a former league coach in NZ to help us get ready for the national cup final. Well done on a tough season boys. Onwards and upwards.

Y. Uchiyama 2 Tries

Y. Ueda 2 Tries

R. Bartlett 1 Try

B. Fawcett 1 Try

D. O'Flynn, A. Carne, 1 Conversion

Y Ueda 2 Conversions

Kaminari Best Player: M. Nelson

Kamesenryu Best Player Y. Sasaki

Decided by Opposition Team



Team Photo

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